Would you like to find a nanny?

We will provide you with a reliable and experienced nanny fulfilling your desired requirements – for a few hours per week or for every day.

Explore our many years of experience. We have been taking care of children from the age of 6 weeks on a regular basis and in a reliable way at our clients’ homes since 1994.

Our goal is a happy healthy child.

How to choose a nanny for your child?

  • Please notify us of yours needs, give us a call or complete the service order form and an agency manager will contact you by phone to arrange all details.
  • As soon as we find a suitable nanny, we will contact you and arrange the first meeting at your home, where we personally introduce the candidate to you.
  • During the first meeting we will sign a Contract on Babysitting Services and if all parties are happy after the meeting, the nanny begins to work according to the client’s instructions.
  • The number of hours worked is recorded in a timesheet which is signed by the client after each visit, and then used as a basis for billing of the previous calendar month.
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Regular in-home child care service CZK 250/hr.
Regular in-home child care service (20+ hours per week) CZK 220/hr.
One-off child care service CZK 300/hr.
After-school pick up service (to/from after-school activities, etc.) CZK 220/hr.
Foreign language surcharge +20 CZK/hr.
Second child surcharge +40 CZK/hr.
Child care on weekends/holidays Per agreement
Placement of a full-time nanny Our fee for arranging a nanny is the equivalent of the nanny’s average monthly salary *

Prices valid as of 1. 11. 2022.

Minimum service: 3 hours per visit.

The agency is not a VAT payer. Prices include transportation to the location where child care is provided in Prague. To clients outside of Prague we charge an extra charge for transport outside the reach of PID.

Placement commission for placement of a full-time nanny to a household including advertisement costs, selection process costs and processing of results of psychological tests: max. CZK 15,000 with a 3-month guarantee!

The agency has liability insurance for damage caused during performance of work taken out with the Kooperativa insurance company.

Five reasons to choose a nanny with us:

  • We choose all of our nannies very carefully: they go through a selection process in which we emphasize not only the relevant qualifications but also the experience and references.
  • We employ and select nannies using advanced recruitment procedures. We know their family situation and work history, they undergo psychological tests. Evidence of integrity is a matter of course.
  • We educate nannies – we offer them the opportunity to expand the knowledge they have acquired in our courses.
  • You only pay for what you confirm with your signature in a worksheet. Payment is made by bank transfer based on an invoice once per month.
  • The agency has taken out liability insurance for damage caused during the performance of its activities with Kooperativa.

If you are interested in working as a nanny in Prague or in close proximity to Prague only, please contact us .

Individual selection of a nanny

Do you need a nanny to take care of your child every day, for even full time? According to your needs and wishes we choose the right nanny for your child for a one-off fee. The client subsequently pays the nanny’s wages. This service is used mainly by clients who need a full-time nanny with no alterations.

  • We organize a selection procedure tailored to your requirements.
  • We will personally arrive to introduce the nanny.
  • We will help you set up rules of cooperation, which we always recommend to incorporate in a contract. We will prepare a specific contract for you and your nanny. You then pay the nanny directly.
  • We guarantee the selection of the nanny for 3 months.

We have placed great nannies in 100+ families. Explore our long-standing experience and let us advise you.

If you are interested in hiring an individually chosen nanny, please contact us here.

We will select an excellent nanny for your child!

We require a deposit of the monthly billed sum for new clients.


Placement commission for specialized selection of a nanny for a household including advertisement costs, selection process costs and processing of results of psychological tests:

Monthly salary of the nanny*

*max. CZK 15,000 with a 3-month guarantee!

First payment payable upon signing the binding order CZK 2,000
If you are interested in babysitting at your home, contact us here.

About us

DOMESTICA, spol. s r. o. has been offering child care services in the Czech Republic since 1994. Since then it has acquired experience that is used in its everyday work.

In 2004 BABYDOMESTICA s. r. o. was founded, a separate division with the same registered address and office. BABYDOMESTICA s. r. o. specializes in child care services.

The managing director of the company remains to be Mgr. Eva Kopečná.

The company is incorporated in the Commercial Registry administered by the Municipal Court under C 99714. Business ID: 27145522.

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Domestica spol. s r. o.
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150 00 Praha 5
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+420 257 322 363
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